Fairfield Road. (Hallmark)2009

National Tree (Hallmark)2009

The Animated Adventures of Bob and Doug McKenzie(Series, Global) 2009

Daniel’s Daughter (Hallmark)2008

Cutting For Stone (formerly Drummer Boy, Independant) 2008

Carebears Big Wish (Nelvana) 2006

Carebears, Journey To Jokelot (Nelvana)  2005

Whitecoats, AKA Intern Academy, Independent  2004

The Cross Canada Trail (CTV special) 2003

The Highwayman (Northstar) 2000

Seapeople (Showtime)1999

Loving Evangeline (Halequin) 1998

Pale Saints (Northstar) 1997

Hijacked:Flight 285 (ABC)1996

Falling From The Sky: Flight 175 (ABC) 1995

Boulevard (Northstar) 1994

Hostage For Day (Showtime) 1994

Soft Deceit1994

Ghost Mom1993

Oh What A Night 1992

Mosquito Lake 1989-1990 (CBC Series)

The Body Test (CTV special) 1988

The Incredible Time Travels Of Henry Osgood 1986

1776 (Global)1979

Day Off (Independent) 1970



I have long loved film and film music. Ivan Reitman gave me my first score, when I was 19, for a student film short called "Day Off" about two boys playing hooky. One thing led to another in a creative process that has taken me to Prague, London, Montreal, Los Angeles and of course Toronto. Here are some films I have scored over the years...