Bequest is a Capra-esque story that pits ordinary folks from a rural community against a corrupted political structure and a malevolent corporation. A Canadian-American university professor returns home for his father’s funeral in up-state New York. While coming to grips with his own loss, he finds himself fighting for his life and the lives of those he loves. It would become all too clear that some less than honorable individuals have been attracted to the new “Gold Rush” of waste management and no one should stand in their way.




In 1847, a Franciscan monk stumbles on a musical means whereby consciousness can freely leave the body. The problem is … getting back. Not only does his work place many lives in jeopardy in his own time, but when his manuscript surfaces in 1989, the trouble begins all over again. There is a good reason why some of the greatest minds from Plato to Shakespeare have pondered the spiritual nature of music.


“ At times philosophical, at times amusing, always a gripping read.”

The Toronto Sun

“Tightly crafted … I couldn’t put the damn thing down”

Murray McLauchlan C.M., author Getting Out OF Here Alive(Viking)

“Bequest is a gripping ride filled with wise observations and a boundless heart. For those of us missing an absent father, or for anyone who has lived in a small community or banded together against the odds, there will be many welcome smiles of recognition.”

Alison Gzowsky, author Facing Freedom:The Children Of Eastern Europe,

producer of CBC Radio, Talking Books


“… an aspiring novel of ideas …chastising religious intolerance … and envisions in detail a “life after life” … Ian Thomas has created a fascinating world and a worthy page turner …”

Peter Feniak, The Globe and Mail

“… Thomas finds himself in The Lost Chord …  a gothic thriller in a Da Vinci Code sense … confronting all the big issues – religion, spirituality, love, death, life and the reasons for our very existense …”

Graham Rockingham, The Hamilton Spectator

“Ian Thomas’s Lost Chord is a metaphysical nail-biter ... kept me engaged emotionally and intellectually without food or drink for about 20 hours … unusual and thought provoking … deserves huge attention from readers with a taste for unconventional thinking…”

Mag Ruffman, The Globe and Mail

“I wrote and sold a screenplay many years back and found it an unsatisfying experience. It was a lyric without music. The music of course would be the sets and actors that would breathe life into it. BUT what that screenplay did was beg the question, "Could I find the music in more words?" So I began my first novel BEQUEST and lived inside of it for a couple of years with people some of whom had elements of people I have known in th eoutside world and some who walked up and introduced themselves to me in the book. Yes you can find music in more words. I am hooked. I love writing novels, or rather sitting in their world as they write themselves. The desire to keep writing them places many things in my life on hold.”